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"Therapy's  Cool- Everyone's doing it "

Welcome to Ottawa's only Mental Health Boutique. Our vision and concept around mental health support is truly unique. You'll find a welcoming , relaxed space that offers a normalized approach to mental health. 

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About Us


Our Practice, a collective vision.

Focus Forward Therapy Group was founded in 2014 and has grown to include a diverse group of Registered Psychotherapists that work with people across the lifespan covering all areas of treatment. 

For information on how we can help you at our new boutique mental health clinic or virtually  click here or book through our toll free number or online.


Meet The Team

Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to help individuals cope with life's challenges and improve their overall mental health. It provides a safe, supportive environment to explore difficult emotions and gain insight into how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact. This can allow individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves, their relationships, and how to make positive changes in their lives. Psychotherapy can also help individuals learn how to better manage stress, cope with and overcome trauma, and develop coping skills to deal with difficult emotions and situations. Ultimately, psychotherapy can help individuals become healthier and happier in their lives.

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Goal Map, a self compassion excavation into discovering your goals and dreams within yourself.


Do you have a life dream, or a goal that has yet to be achieved?


Do you have a part of you that you wish to bring forth into it's full potential?


Are you struggling to make a change that you have wanted to make for some time?


Are feeling a little stuck and need help with motivation to make that change?


"Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here"

- Mark Twain

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