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Sports Psychology in Ottawa

The Complete Guide To Mental Mastery For Athletes


Sports psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. Sport Psychology interventions are designed to assist athletes and other sports participants (e.g., coaches, administrators, parents) from a wide array of settings, levels of competition, and ages, ranging from recreational youth participants to professional and Olympic athletes to master’s level performers.

The Benefits Of Sport Psychology: Why It's Important For More Than Just Athletes

Sports psychology plays a vital role in helping sports enthusiasts – from beginners through to professional level to cope with the many stresses or pressures that goes hand in hand with their competitive lifestyles. Sports psychology helps their clients to overcome stress, anxiety, and self-doubts and improves motivation. This can make a significant improvement in training, mindset, and ability to win. Sports psychotherapists do not just work with professional athletes but, they help anyone who loves sports and who wishes to improve their abilities.


There are many benefits to working with a sport psychologist. Some of the benefits include:

  • improved performance

  • increased confidence

  • greater focus and concentration

  • improved motivation

  • better emotional control

  • reduced stress and anxiety

  • enhanced team cohesion

Christine Harrison, RP exclusively treats this area.

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To access online counselling appointments, users simply need a tablet, computer, or mobile device with access to the internet.

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