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Individual Therapy

We us evidence base treatment for a variety of clinical issues. Our psychotherapist use a variety of modalities and access ongoing supervision to develop and maintain current clinical practices. 

Couples Therapy


We support and provide couples with skills to improve communication and and strengthen their relationship.


Adolescent Therapy

We treat teens experiencing anxiety, depression , self esteem, self injury and other mental health concerns.


Children & Family Therapy

We support children experiencing anxiety and depression , ADHA, ODD, social and school difficulties . We can also support children through traumas such as sexual abuse and illness and treatment. 

We provide parent coaching and parental support for families. 




We provide assessments to identify ADHD , ODD , depression and anxiety in children . Wide range academic testing is also available. 

We can provide Trauma assessments, Anger, personality and wide range achievement testing to adults. 

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