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Work On Your Relationship With A Psychotherapist 

The Importance of Marriage Counselling For Couples


Marriage counselling or couple therapy helps them understand and create opportunities for couples to work together for a better relationship with the help of a counsellor who acts as a mediator between the couple.

Marriage counsellors are qualified professionals who analyze the behaviour of couples. They easily identify the root cause of the couple's conflicts after analyzing various factors. Once the cause of the conflict is identified, the marriage counsellor advises couples on some modifications and steps that can help them to prevent conflict while teaching effective communication skills.

Why Does Marriage Counselling Work?


Proper communication between the couple is very important for any relationship, and that’s what marriage counsellors always try to target. In most cases, counsellors try to support couples in understanding the habits that are causing communication gaps between them.

How Does Couples Therapy Work And What Is Involved?

Apart from improving the communication between the couple, there are several other approaches that a counsellor might use depending on the challenges that couples are facing in their relationship. This may start by listening to couples individually in different sessions and then by meeting them together in a session. 


Another approach that a counsellor uses is known as emotionally focused therapy, with a prime focus on the emotional responses and needs of couples that are keeping them together. A simple change in emotion that couples pass on to each other can lead to greater conflicts in their relationship. That is why the goal of emotionally focused therapy is always to reconstruct the bond between the couple by focusing on their emotional needs.


There are many other approaches that a counsellor uses, and it’s not always about a conflict that couples should be consulting for marriage therapy as there are also ways to further strengthen your relationship. If you feel like you are losing a bond with your partner but are unsure about the cause, you can also try couples counselling in Ottawa.

The Benefits of Marriage Counselling

The benefits of marriage counselling totally depend upon the problem that couples are seeking to resolve with the help of a counsellor. Moreover, it also depends upon the hard work that a couple puts in and their willingness to improve their relationship. However, the following are some common benefits that a couple can get from marriage counselling.

Understanding Relationship Dynamics

​​Understanding the relationship dynamic means understanding the negative patterns of couples that they have been following in the good times and the bad times of their relationship. A better understanding of relationship dynamics can lead to a strong bond between a couple.

Feel Safe

When a couple goes through a difficult time or conflict, they may feel unsafe because of the negative emotions that conflict has caused. With the help of a counsellor, a couple can create a safe space and work together for the betterment of their relationship.


Better Understanding

With the help of marriage counselling, a couple can begin to understand each other’s perspectives. They tend to understand their partners' points of view also.

Overcoming Hurdles

There are times when a couple struggles to agree on simple decisions, which leads them to move forward together. With the help of couples therapy, they can identify any issues that are creating such hurdles and work towards overcoming them.


Learn to Deal With Problems

In these difficult times, couples find it hard to navigate through problems and conflicts. However, with the help of marriage therapy, couples can learn skills to deal with problems, stress, anger, and other strong emotions that have been affecting their relationship.


Relationship Clarity

With conflicts getting worse, couples often find it difficult to understand how they feel about their relationship and what they really want from it to move forward. In such cases, couples can benefit from marriage counselling and get better clarity about their feelings and relationships.


Build Trust

When a couple goes through difficult times, they often create boundaries around them and make it difficult for their partner to trust them easily. With the help of different approaches used by counsellors, couples can rebuild their trust in their relationship.


Improve Communication Skills

Improved communication always plays a key role in any healthy relationship, and couples therapy can help a lot in improving that. Not just in relationships, but good communication skills will also help you do well in your professional life.



Seeking support from a  professional doesn’t mean you are not capable of handling your life. If you are  concerned about your relationship and want to move forward positively with your relationship, marriage counselling is something to consider.


At Focus Forward Therapy Group, you can find compassionate, skilled psychotherapists and counsellors  who can help you with your relationship problems.

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